Local Search a pdf

Use case or problem

When I have an open PDF, Command-F should allow me to find things as it does in md files, so that I can quickly go to the key point I am looking for.

Proposed solution

Add a rudimentary search feature for inside the PDF. Does not need to do OCR, just a basic effort. (Many are off by a bit for some reason).

Current workaround (optional)

Related feature requests (optional)

This is different from Global Search text in PDFs - I want to be able to search the PDF when it’s open, mainly for navigation. 511 wants to do full text search from within the vault.


I would like to revive this year-old request, that I consider to be for a rudimentary feature. The pdf does not need to be indexed for queries. If it is highlight-able, copy-able, text, it should also be searchable via Command+F (even on mobile)


Full agree! It’s great to be able to seamlessly view PDFs within Obsidian, but being able to search within the PDF text is a basic functionality that I constantly use


I could not believe that the pdf viewer is not capable of searching. This renders it almost useless for me.

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Agreed, this would be a HUGE benefit. The lack of being able to search PDFs has turned out to be a much bigger hindrance than I anticipated

Please make this a thing! It would be immensely helpful!

It would certainly be great to be able to search in PDFs but if it is not possible to do it inside Obsidian would it not be possible to force a link to a PDF to open in Preview or similar. I know you can set a hot key to open in default app, but you have to open in Obsidian first. Clicking a link to a .numbers file opens it in numbers, why not similar for PDF?

Just found out right clicking link opens menu which provides this functionality.

this was implemented in v1.3.x

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