Seamless use of Obsidian links between files

Use case or problem

I want to be able to smoothly create links between Obsidian files, without needing the link to correspond to the title of the file it’s being linked to.

There are currently two options to do this, but they’re both a bit clunky: 1) create an alias for the file being linked to, then go back to the file you’re working on and type in the name of the alias in the link box or 2) find the file you want to link to in the navigator, right click, copy Obsidian link, go back to original fine and paste it in as an internal URL.

Proposed solution

When typing text in a file, I want to be able to create a link using single square brackets, type in the name of my link, then close the square brackets and open regular brackets to paste the link. Then, using CMD-O, search for the file I want to link to, and with a shortcut --or perhaps just with Enter, if Obsidian can be aware that my cursor is currently in the place where links are pasted–, automatically paste the Obsidian link of said file into the brackets I just opened. I can then seamlessly keep typing, without ever leaving my file.

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[[Foo|Any text you want]] will show as Any text you want linked to the note named Foo. Is that what you’re looking for?

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Oh wow, I hadn’t even realised that this was an option! I assumed that “Any text you want” would not successfully link to “Foo” unless “Any text you want” was named as an alias in the “Foo” file.

Thank you, that totally resolves my problem.

Yeah, having it as an alias just makes it appear in auto-completion.

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