Seach results are opened in new tabs - how to stop?

What I’m trying to do

After I type a search term and click on a result, the result opens in a new tab to the left of the tab I am viewing by splitting the screen. This is inconvenient as it narrows the viewing area for each tab, every time i click on a new search result.
I want to make it so that when I click a serach result, it opens in the current tab.
This is the default behaviour of a new obsidian installation but I can’t seem to find a setting to toggle it on an off in my current version. What can I do ?

I’ve discovered that
right click on search result → Open Link

has the same result as
right click on search result → Open to the right
rigth click on search result → Open new tab.

This definitely appears to be a bug. How can I fix it?

It looks alright here:


As for your question in the first post, just clicking on (no right-click) a search result opens it in the current tab for me as well in the Sandbox.


It could be a plugin messing things up. I’d try the troubleshooting steps to get to the bottom of it:

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