Seach and Replace has no indicators about where you are

Steps to reproduce

Open a page that has many of the same word peppered about. “the” would be a good candidate.
Instigate a Search and Replace dialogue (Ctrl-H)
Enter search and replace criteria
Click Prev, Next, All buttons.

Expected result

Highlight which word is under focus for being replaced.

Actual result

Can’t see any difference in the Note. There’s no indicator of where the search/replace will happen.


Operating system: Windows 10
Obsidian version: v0.6.0
Using custom CSS:

Additional information

I also have this issue with Search in Current File (ctrl+f). The buttons don’t work but the hotkeys do. In addition, when highlighting search results via the hotkeys, the search results do not loop back to the start if you continue to press F3 or shift+f3.

Haven’t filed a separate bug report because I assume it’s a linked issue.

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Chiming in on this one. The buttons for the Ctrl+F search just hide the selection. Prev, Next, and All. If I press enter and see the search term highlighted, I can click Next then press Enter and it will show the third time that search term is present in the note.

So it looks like the editor is still tracking the matches but it’s not updating the html. Maybe an issue with CodeMirror?

Thank you guys. I can replicate. We’ll work on it
The keyboard shortcuts work, the buttons don’t.

Will be fixed in 0.6.6