Scrolling direction sometimes inverts in edit mode

Sometimes Edit mode starts to scroll in the opposite direction (up is down and vice versa) and the scroll speed is much faster than normal.

I haven’t figured out the exact steps to reproduce but seems to happen in the following conditions:

  • Mac OS
  • Scroll direction normal is turned OFF in the System Preferences
  • Only happens in Edit mode
  • Seems to happen mostly on larger text files
  • Seems repeatable when scrolling all the way to the top and back down to the bottom of the file several times

Once the scroll direction changes all files are affected until you restart the app.


I can’t reproduce this. We’ll wait until you or someone else has reproducible steps.
Maybe it’s something related to your particular system

I’m getting this on MacOS. It happens in large / complicated files in edit mode, but not in preview mode. Scrolling with the bar seems unaffected.

Seconded ^. On MacOS Big Sur, Obsidian v0.12.15.
Scroll inverts only on edit mode.