Scroll unlinked mentions in outgoing links pane to match location of cursor

Use case or problem

When I am writing my daily notes, I use the unlinked mentions section in the outgoing links pane to remind me of notes that I may have written but not yet linked. This is one of the most valuable features of Obsidian to me because it reminds me of things I may have forgotten, but already written about. I am constantly looking at that pane as I am writing to reference other notes. My current workflow is that most of my notes “start” in my daily notes and then I refactor them out into their own notes periodically.

This means that I often have tens or hundreds of unlinked mentions in a daily note, especially if I use common words or phrases in my notes. I also write many notes on a iPad with a keyboard.

If that pane “synced” with the cursor while i was writing, it would be much easier for me to keep up with my unlinked mentions. Eg, if my cursor was on the word “Amsterdam” then I would scroll the outgoing links pane to the unlinked Amsterdam note.

Alternatively, subtly changing the color of these types of notes or having a “dashed hyperlink” that allowed you to quickly create a link inline would also be a useful way to solve the same problem, since it informs me of unlinked mentions in context.

Current workaround (optional)

Mostly just manual scrolling in the unlinked mentions pane. I also try and avoid very short named notes and instead use longer names to avoid too many unlinked mentions.

Related feature requests (optional)

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It’s helpful to hear about your workflow. That sounds effective especially if you are crafting your note names and the wording of daily notes with this in mind. Thanks for sharing.

Another possible implementation to address this would be to sort all outgoing links based on the note’s headings; and the pane could focus on the heading the cursor is within. Here is a semi-relevant link where the request is instead to sort backlinks by headings: Option to sort backlinks by heading

Personally, I actually like your idea based on the word, but perhaps the feature could work on multiple levels: word, block, heading, and note.

Good luck! I hope this becomes a feature or plugin at some point. I would use it.