Scroll to zoom in canvas should scroll normally (instead of zoom) when mouse pointer is on top of a page with scrollbar

Canvas now has the scroll to zoom feature.
This enables scrolling for zoom on the entire canvas.
Ideally, when hovering over an element with scrollbar (be it a note, a bloc or an embeded file) the scrolling should just go back to scrolling vertically inside of the element that is hovered over. Instead of always defaulting to zoom.


If you select the note, it will scroll, no?

No even when note is selected it doesn’t scroll.
But I wish the devs to add an option to scroll without clicking on the note, but merely by hovering over it.

this works for me.

Ah, yes you need to click TWICE. I don’t want to edit the note, I just want to scroll it to see it’s content. it would be nice to only select it (one click) to scroll it. And even better to only hover over it to scroll. Same for PDFs.

No, one click is enough to select not edit.

My bad, you are right. Still it would be nice to scroll inside of a note when I hover over it.