Scrivener - Zettlr mode and more

This Wonderful project need 3 Feature to attract all academics and authors

  1. project folder ( like in Zettlr) makes obsidian new scrivener
  2. Pandoc integration ( like in Zettlr) ability export odt, pdf, docx and many more
  3. citation integration ( like in Zettlr) move all academician to obsidian

all can be done via plugins. without disturbing markdown files. Project Folder option critical. it will allows us to create long documents (thesis, articles, books) via obsidian.
You may say then use Zettlr. It has all options u want. But appearance of obsidian is perfect and customizable. of course I can’t imagine what developers can do with plug in. even variable and semantic writing will be possible. But with just these 3 add ons will be game changer in my opinion.


I agree these two would bring obsidian to a whole new level.

I also used Zettlr for a while, the easy way to use pandoc to convert documents was amazing, and being able to use it together with something like Zotero would be a huge advantage in Obsidian.

It’s only this point that I don’t get:

It’s already possible to make sub-folders in obsidian

Overall you are completly right, these would make obsidian even more amazing!


Please try to follow the template and propose one feature request per post.

To add to WhiteNoise’s request, please follow the template’s instructions and search for existing features. There are many associated with pandoc and citation software already, and there’s lots of discussion about academic-oriented workflows and integrations on the forum already.

Closing this thread! Thanks!