<script> tag in obsidian

A way to turn of HTML sanitisation

I want to try and automate my vault by using JavaScript html tags but Obsidian sanitises it out so I cannot run the code. Is there a way to turn of sanitisation in obsidian using a
third party plugin or basic feature that allows me to do this

Not that I know of. If you want to use JavaScript you can write a plugin or use the Templater or DataView plugins.

Obsidian plugins with scripting capabilities

An older one:

This (also) would only work with the Legacy Editor:

Since then, there are still available for installation:

  • However, these are only made for desktop.

The Templater plugin can be used to run shell commands - also on mobile devices.

There is also Inline Scripts - also for mobile use:

The QuickAdd plugin also has such an InlineScript function:

This one is only for desktop:

For mobile

  • According to the Manifest file, it would also work on mobile.
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