Screenshot of graph for large vault

The graph screenshot for small vaults - 50 nodes, in my case - seem to work fine. I can paste the clipboard contents into GIMP. Another vault with 1000 nodes seems to copy the screenshot to the vault, but attempts to paste to GIMP or any other graphics application I can think of eventually fail. In the case of GIMP, after about 30 seconds a message displays that says “There is no image data in the clipboard to paste.”

I’m not sure if this is a bug or if there is something I’m not understanding about how Obsidian works with respect to screenshots. How are others capturing Obsidian’s screenshot?

OS: Kubuntu 20.04
RAM: 32Gb

Hm. I just took this with my own vault—should be ~1000 items, including attachments, though there’s no connections to any of the attachments.

I’m running macOS.

I wonder if anyone else with a large vault could try it?

Good to know it’s possible. I tried zooming out, similar to your screenshot, but no joy. I just need to figure out why it doesn’t work on my system. Part of the trouble is I don’t have much to work with regarding feedback, logging, or error reporting.

A screenshot of my vault using a 3rd party tool (Shutter):

I would suggest filing a #bug-reports . Did you check the console in developer tools for errors?