Screenshot Attached - any way to approximate this in Obsidian?

EDIT - one thing I am reading about is MOC - which might help with some of this?

As they say, a picture is worth a thousands words. I have successfully moves thousands of notes into Obsidian. I love the incredible capabilities of Obsidian but am experiencing some challenges trying to adapt my workflow to Obsidian’s structure. Any suggestions? Please note that in the screenshot i can also instantly regroup notes based on any column. If I cannot do with with the notes in a folder, could I do it with data in a note itself? Thanks!

You can do it manually in a note with a hierarchical list of links.

- [[Plan kickoff]]
    - [[Review terms]]
    - [[Review schedule]]
- [[Conduct kickoff]]

If your hierarchy is based on folders you can use “folder notes” — a note (usually) inside a folder that has the same name as the folder. There are plugins that can adjust the file browser to show only a single item instead of a folder and a note, giving the illusion of hierarchical notes. You can also, with folder notes, use a plugin like Waypoint or Zoottelkeeper to generate a list of links to the notes in a folder (and optionally its subfolders).

There is also a plugin called Outliner that isn’t particularly oriented around files but can make working with hierarchical lists easier / more like outliner-style software.

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Many thanks! I will look at those solutions.

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