Screen stuck in Obsidian

Hey, everyone I have been facing a bit of an issue with Obsidian since morning I tried searching for the solution online but couldn’t actually figure it out myself so can anyone here please just help me out with the issue, my screen is stuck and I cannot do anything on obsidian, I was updating the plugins and enabling a few of them and suddenly this happened, am pretty new to Obsidian just started off a couple of days ago so am not familiar with everything.

OS: Ubuntu 22.04.0

Here’s an image for reference I think this git thing is probably causing the crash.

I’m guessing Obsidian freezes before you can get to the Settings to enable Restricted mode or turn off the plugin(s)?

With Obsidian closed, you could remove or rename the {VAULTNAME}/.obsidian/community-plugins.json file.

This will keep your plugins, but they’ll all be OFF when you reopen the vault/open Obsidian. Then you can remove the Git one (if that is indeed the problem) in Settings > Community plugins.

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Doesn’t look like a freeze.
Why not install Github Desktop on your Linux and conduct your sync manually? Not much extra work, either.

It does freeze after a couple of seconds since I launched the app, and I am not able to click on any button to disable the git thing either. Also I was just checking out that plugin if it works :confused:

Thanks for the help I went to the file and removed the git plugin from it instead of removing or renaming the entire file and things are working now!

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