Screen grayed out completely

Things I have tried

I am using obsidian offline on the plane. It opens, works for a few seconds, and then goes gray. Can’t see anything - no title bar, no structure, nothing - except the red yellow green dots in the corner. If I force reload it comes back but then just does it again within ten seconds. It’s done this a few times before but not repeatedly like this.

I unenabled sync and templater in case that was the problem. Still doing it.

Using 12.11 and on a MacBook, Big Sur 11.4. Excuse the phone picture, again I’m not online on my computer


What I’m trying to do

Does it still happen if you move out the themes and plugins folder in the .obsidian folder? (so that you’ll have no community plugins and custom css)

it stopped, so i added everything back one by one and it seems to be dataview that is the problem, which sucks, since i use dataview a lot. is there any way for me to tell what’s triggering the graying out from dataview?

You can open an issue with the author on github. Depending on your hardware, amount of notes and dataview blocks, your system might be overwhelmed.

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