Scale the bounds of canvas nodes with option to retain node size

Use case or problem

I am trying to scale up a set of canvas nodes. This is a common occurrence when I want to add additional content to cards. I finish diagramming a system using just brief descriptions on each node. I don’t want the nodes to remain in their current positions, but rather to scale out from the center point of the selection. Sometimes I would like the nodes to keep their size, but other times I want to scale the node’s positions out with the intention of expanding their individual node sizes as well. In these cases, I want the option for the scaling to affect both the position and the individual scale of the nodes. Using the distribute command can help in some situations, but for occasions where retaining the exact 2D arrangement is important, a scaling function would be very helpful.

Proposed solution

Similar to Photoshop, I would like to be able to select the elements, then hold alt while dragging the bounding box to scale out from the center. Rather than having the toggle for whether the nodes retain size buried in settings, there could be a small “Retain node size” checkbox that appears as you do the scale. Once you deselect the nodes after scaling, the checkbox would disappear.