Saving images by date

Guys, tell me, is it possible to configure so that the added images are not just saved in the “images” folder, but in a subfolder but with the date the image was added “images\05-11-23”

Is it possible to implement this using plugins?
Perhaps there are already plugins that add such functionality?

Yes GitHub - reorx/obsidian-paste-image-rename: Renames pasted images and all the other attachments added to the vault

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Thanks for the answer, but this is a little different from what I expected, I just need to save images by date, then I will clearly understand by folder which image I added when, and it will also get rid of garbage in the “images” folder

So you want to create subfolder named with the date?

Yeah I don’t think that plugin can do it. But you can file an Issue in that GitHub repo.

I think it’s still easier and better to automatically prefix the filename with the date, rather than creating a subfolder. This is what I do.

I’m creating a very long project in which the main interaction of the plot consists of a large number of images. In addition to the fact that the folder will not have enough 1,000,000 images and there will be order (since any added images will always have their own date of addition (folder)), it will also be very convenient to navigate what and when I added (which images)

Are the developers of the obsidian program here on this forum?

Occasionally yes. You may be able to chat with some on Discord

Thank you buddy!

I configured it but nothing happens ((
What did I do wrong?

File an issue on GitHub.
It’s probably because you’re doing a subfolder scheme. I think it would be very easy for them to add that feature for you.

I think they themselves abandoned the development of their plugin.

You should still file.

Two reasons:

  1. Developers sometimes come back and pick up where they left off, even years later.
  2. Other people will see the requests and may implement what you want in their fork of the project.

Another option: GitHub - trganda/obsidian-attachment-management: Attachment Management of Obsidian

Wow! Thanks buddy!

Everything would be fine, but it does not rename folders, only files ((

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