Saving a stack of tabs so they can be open all at once together


Is it possible to save a group of stacked tabs with a link or some other method so that they can be opened with a single click or command?

I would like to be able to open for example all the daily notes saved for a particular month.

Any help on this would be much appreciated.

Things I have tried

What I’m trying to do

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Using a workspace may work in some instances. But I think what you are asking could be solved by additional functionality that could be requested for the Workspaces core plugin. It could be something that allows you to merge a workspace. This would mean that the notes from the merged workspace would simply be opened within the active tab group.

There is a chance something like this already exists as a community plugin, so it might be worth doing further searching. Regardless, I think what you’re asking about is probably of shared interest by others.

In the meantime, maybe you could just use workspaces as they currently are to achieve a less useful version of this. Another option would be to create a link-list note that you could open and pin. It would have a link to each of the desired notes with one per line to be clicked open. Either this or create a Templater script. Unfortunately I can’t help you there. However, it shouldn’t be too difficult. If that seems like a stretch, you could try creating a custom AutoHotkey or Keyboard Maestro macro to open each link in the note. Basically it would move the cursor to beginning of note, then repeat the following: arrow right twice, alt enter, arrow left twice, down arrow.

Just throwing some thoughts out there. I hope you find a good solution here on the forum. I would find it very useful. Thanks!

Thank you so much for your reply. Much appreciated. I will give some thought to your suggestions and if I am able to work out a solution I will share it with you. Happy New Year!

I recently saw some links to GitHub - aidenlx/alx-folder-note: Add description, summary, and more info to folders with folder notes. , and this plugin has a focus folder mode, where all other folders are hidden in the file explorer.

This means you could focus on that particular month, and either open all files from that one by one, or just leave it there very accessible in the left pane when you need to navigate to the next file.

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Thank you for your reply. I’ll check out the folder note plug-in you linked to. Happy New Year to you!

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