Save Settings with DropdownComponent

Hi guys,

im new to obsidian api dev. So please forgive me my nobness :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:I have used and implemented the “Sample Plugin” from the Obsidian api Repo. And now I was trying to add a new Setting to my plugin (A Dropdownmenu with 2 options). But somehow it cant save the selection being made, when in the plugin settings. For example: I switch to another plugin settings tab, and when I switch back, the selection being made in the dropdown is not shown. I checked the console. It says no errors whatsoever, so I think it’s a UI issue, but I am not sure. Here are parts of my code used in the main.ts from the Sample-Plugin:

interface MyPluginSettings {
	repetitions: string;

const DEFAULT_SETTINGS: MyPluginSettings = {
	repetitions: '1'

//later in the main.ts:

class SampleSettingTab extends PluginSettingTab {
	plugin: MyPlugin;

	constructor(app: App, plugin: MyPlugin) {
		super(app, plugin);
		this.plugin = plugin;

	display(): void {
		let {containerEl} = this;


		containerEl.createEl('h2', {text: 'Full-Repetition Settings'});

		new Setting(containerEl)
			.setName('Number of repetitions')
			.setDesc('Here you can set your default number for repetition reminders')
			.addDropdown(dropDown => {
				dropDown.addOption('1', '1 Repetition');
				dropDown.addOption('2', '2 Repetitions');
				dropDown.onChange(async (value) =>	{
					this.plugin.settings.repetitions = value;
					await this.plugin.saveSettings();

Could someone tell me, what I did wrong?

Thanks for the help in advance!