Save search results and/or backlinks pane to file

Add a feature to save the search results and/or the backlinks pane to a file. The search results pane is view only, you can’t even copy/paste it, which severely limits it’s usefulness. Many people have a starred search for “- [ ]” to list all of their unfinished TODOs. I personally have a mostly empty page ‘’ which I use to view all backlinks to items marked [[todo]] . Have an option on the save dialog ‘[ ] Always use this filename for this search or notes-backlinks’ . Remember the save filename for each search result separately so I can update my search for ‘- [ ]’ or backlinks on ‘’ to the file ‘todos (collected).md’ with one keystroke after the first use.


Have you found a solution for this matter? I’m facing the same problem - I have all the information I need on the backlink panel, sorted, perfect, but no way to extract them.

You can now copy search results to paste somewhere. Allows you to customize output a bit: Search