Save scroll and cursor position of settings window

I’d appreciate it if Obsidian saved my place in the settings window, so that, when I come back to settings, the scroll bar and cursor position is the same as when I left it.

I run into this problem a lot. When I’m changing the settings of core Obsidian, or any of the plugins, the settings window blocks my view of the change’s effect on the non-settings part of Obsidian. So, I hide settings window by clicking on some non-settings part.

Then, having seen the setting’s result, I want to go back to the settings window and adjust the same setting again – sometimes over and over.

The problem is that when go back to settings by clicking the settings icon in the lower left corner, the settings window position has moved to the top, sometimes several pages from where I was. And where was I? I don’t remember; I’m adjusting new settings, usually on some new feature, not ones I’ve spent much time with before. Scrolling around to find it again is enough friction that I often never bother even looking at the settings window.

What would be helpful is if Obsidian remembered just returned to my last Settings view, with the cursor where I left it.