Save embedded search query results into file

I like the new release’s embedded queries, but using it would make a note Obsidian-specific, thus not portable. Without an official mobile app, this makes it unusable for me on my phone. For possible use as a table of contents (TOC), I’d need the option (possibly as a command) to save the results into the note.

Something like this exists in the Expander plugin, but it’s incomplete.


isn’t this what you looking for?

I think, you can copy search result to your new note.

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I’d like the saved results to be dynamically updatable.

Right now I’d have to manually delete an older saved version, search a specific query, and copy the new results, for each query I have. Embedded queries are always up to date but not portable to other apps, while copying is portable but way less convenient. Ideally I’d like a single command that automatically updates all saved embedded queries in all files.


The Waypoint plugin seems to do something like this, for those still interested.

Although since this post the mobile app and live preview has released, so the convenience made me satisfied with the default experience. Query blocks and the Dataview plugin cover my bases. In terms of portability, there are unofficial and ongoing official efforts towards standard markdown export.

In the recent Dataview release, there includes:

Functions which render to plain Markdown strings which you can then render or manipulate as desired.

For example, you can utilize dv.markdownTable(headers, values) and dv.markdownList(values) and dv.markdownTaskList(tasks).

It all seems pretty awesome!

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