Save Edit/Preview State Per File

What I’m trying to do

I’m experimenting with Obsidian as a possible replacement for OrgMode, given how terrible OrgMode is for mobile, and it’s really promising so far (at least in terms of my fairly narrow use cases).

The Tasks plugin is a big part of this, because what drew me to OrgMode wasn’t emacs; it was the ability to take notes and have todos all in one place in a tool that could then show me all my todos from all my files in one view. Tasks brings this to Obsidian.

However, the Tasks “todo” roundup file requires processing, and is useless in Edit mode. It only shows what you want to see (the set of tasks) in Preview mode.

OTOH, I tend to want to interact with my other files in Edit mode.

Consequently, it would be great if the Edit/Preview state for each file was “sticky,” so that I could leave my Tasks-based agenda files in Preview and the rest of my files in Edit.

Does that make sense?

Makes sense; I am building a plug-in for this → see Remember view mode per file - #9 by bwydoogh

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