Remember view mode per file

+1 to this! Not familiar with YAML front matter, so feel it would be really useful.

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+1 to this request!

For example, I’m using the Dataview plugin to generate tables for tasks and I’d like to be in view mode for that file and stay in edit mode for my notes. Now I have to switch between the modes, which is not the best experience.


Hey. I’ve been playing around this this and I’m still not quite sure how to use it?

Do I just copy and paste one of those things at the top with with — above and below?

Thanks so much!

+1 Per-note Editor vs Preview mode with YAML specification would be really great!

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@Bhume My post above is only suggestion of possible implementation of original request. It is not implemented yet so it does not work.

YAML front-matter in Obsidian is documented here: YAML front matter
For more detailed introduction to YAML format see Learn yaml in Y Minutes

I’ve built a plug-in for this; will have a look to publish it as community plug-in. As suggested above: it analyzes the YAML to decide whether to display the file in PREVIEW or EDITOR mode, regardless of Obsidian’s default setting. Think of notes serving as a dashboard (and containing dataview or tasks as code blocks).

To be continued.


always renders, when opening or navigating to that note as follows:


awesome! looking forward to try it.

Would love to give this a try as well!

I came to the forums today looking for this exact feature. Looking forward to it as well :slight_smile:

Hi. Submitted a pull request: see Add obsidian-view-mode-by-frontmatter to plugin list by bwydoogh · Pull Request #411 · obsidianmd/obsidian-releases · GitHub.
Fingers crossed :slight_smile:.

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Sweet, I recently requested this…


Can we call the plugin Hydra?

Any joy getting this plugin published?

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+1 I hope the plugin gets approved.
I personally would like an extended version. Like locking a whole folder, or applying the lock according to certain filters/search.

This is already on my TO-DO list (setting which takes folders containing notes which should always open in a certain mode).

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I am still waiting for approval; it takes some time apparently (all remarks made by the reviewer were addressed).

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Btw, someone on a similar thread brought up that the switch can’t be in the YAML, how would you edit the frontmatter if the note was locked in Preview Mode.

Of course, you could edit the actual file in your OS, but the idea is to stay in Obsidian.

My plug-in does not lock the note; it opens the note in the specified view mode. You are still able to switch to a different mode yourself (and edit the front matter YAML).


Glad to solve your needs.
I modified a [colorful preview] plug-in myself, and I only need to add a mark at the end of the md document to automatically enter different modes.
Add three newlines at the end to automatically enter the editing mode when you open the file.
Add three spaces at the end to automatically enter the preview mode when opening the file.ZH多彩预览 (5.4 KB)


It has been approved :+1: