Save dataview query result to a note

Is it possible to save a dataview query as text in a note, which updates with the query result?

For example, I have a frontmatter field called ‘keywords’ with an array of strings as its value. The strings are reused in hundreds of notes. The set of unique strings accumulate overtime. I would like a way to suggest existing values as I type in a new note.

I can copy and paste the dataview query results into a custom dictionary, then the auto-completion part is taken care of by a community plugin called ‘Various Complements’. But this have to be done manually every time I know a new value is added.

It will be nice to be able to write a query result into a note as text which updates automatically. For example, when I write a new string into the ‘keywords’ field, dataview finds it, and save it to the specified destination. Then the complementation plug in takes in and automatically suggests it in future notes.

Thanks for any advice!

Things I have tried

Run the query, copy and paste the result into a custom dictionary manually.

What I’m trying to do

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