Save Canvas to Specified Folder

I don’t want my Canvas’ to be saved to the same folder as the active note.

I would like to have the same flexibility as on the Files and Links settings page, where I can specify the folder.

My structure of notes saves all notes to a single Notes Folder and all attachments to a folder called Files. I currently do this through the options available in the Files and Links sections and specify the default location to be those folders.

I want the same or similar granularity with my canvas creation.
In my mind, at least, I do not associate a canvas by topic area. I think, "I have a canvas on this’’ and then search for the canvas.

However, If I am not actively in the folder, I have to move from my keyboard and find the folder. If I don’t remember the folder, I am stuck.

Additionally, since there is no way to find a canvas by searching or Viewing it in graph view, there is no way to find it easily.

Proposed solution

I recommend that you edit the canvas creation script to check the presence of a preferred location in settings for canvas, Either through Canvas’ settings or by creating an option grouping in the Files and Links section.

This would then set the canvas creation to output to a set folder. I would recommend that the Canvas Creation name be the Current DateTime to remove the chance of duplicates or potential friction by having multiple untitled instances (This date time data should also be incorporated into the metadata of the canvas as this would help with searching or dashboards that the user creates using external plugins). The User can then Change the name within the file as normal.

Current workaround (optional)

I currently check my Notes Folder for the Canvas Icon and manually move them into the Canvas Folder.

Related feature requests (optional)

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