Sandbox vault is gone

Strange things were happening tonight. First the local graph wouldn’t open, but that was resolved by switching off community plugins, and then switching them on again. But the sandbox vault, that I intended to use to fix the problem with the local graph, remains missing. It simply isn’t available anymore when I click the vault button on the left sidebar. This is after restarting my (M1) Mac, and reinstalling Obsidian. Help is appreciated!

What about the Help Menu? You can open that by clicking on the ? symbol on the left or by using the command palette Ctrl/Cmnd+P -> Open help.

Thanks! I could open the sandbox vault from the Help screen, and now it is available once more from the Vaults screen, too. But strange things keep happening: the mini tabs in the sidebars change position, sometimes even crossing from the lef to the right sidebar or vice versa, and I also noticed other settings not ‘staying put’. But that’s probably a different problem.

Read the message in the upper right corner.

The upper right corner of what? I see no message.

When you open the sandbox vault

Ah, about the vault not being preserved? These past weeks, it always was preserved. So that’s why it was strange to see it was gone. But the non-sticking settings is a bigger issue, I guess; should I open a bug report for that?

The sandbox vault is designed to be reset all the time. Settings and notes, and what not.

If any bug has been present, it is rather that you actually got something to stick for a little while.

Please, don’t use the sandbox vault for anything you want to keep.

I know this, but like I said, the sandbox fault was not reset before, and now suddenly it was.

The non-sticking settings are a bigger problem.

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