Sanctum Theme

Starting to look at this new version, I discovered a typo.
In the style settings > typography > headings > sizes, you have set the default size for H5 at 1.875rem, which would make it bigger than H1! I assume you meant 1.075, which puts it between H4 and H6 in size.

Couple of questions:

  1. The scrollbar in the outline pane is not there, and I cannot find the rule in the theme’s CSS file that does that.
    Please tell me how I can make the scrollbar visible.

  2. I would also like the scrollbar in the text pane to be wider. I tried this but it does not work:

::-webkit-scrollbar:active {
  width: .75rem !important;

Thanks for pointing it out, I’ll make sure to fix that!

  1. The scrollbar in the outline pane is not there, and I cannot find the rule in the theme’s CSS file that does that.
    Please tell me how I can make the scrollbar visible.

The theme disables most scrollbars, and has some options to enable them in specific areas, like in a note, settings menu, or navigation, etc. I haven’t enabled it for the outline pane yet, but that can be changed.

  1. I would also like the scrollbar in the text pane to be wider. I tried this but it does not work:

From my experience, messing with scrollbars is a bit annoying, but I can try to add options for changing the width, since I can see some people not liking it so small before hovering (or even after hovering for that matter).

OK, I’ll await the update.

Sanctum for Obsidian v0.15.7

Here’s the latest changes. Currently developing in Obsidian v0.15.7

  • Fixed Scrollbar background color
  • Added option to customize Scrollbar width
  • Added option to disable Scrollbar in outline pane (now enabled by default)
  • Added option for Vertical Scrollbar Arrows
  • Fixed formatting issues in Selected theme
  • Fixed cite in LP (it now doesn’t float right unless it’s in Reading View)
  • Minor changes in Button styling
  • Multi-Color Highlights’ colours now pop more
  • Fixed Indentation Guides
  • Fixed Custom checkbox sizes
  • Added a bit more white space between list markers and items
  • Dark theme notifications now show up with the accent colour as background. This is to improve contrast without losing legibility, once compared to the light theme
  • Input Slider now increases size on hover, and has a few more details. It is also longer in width
  • Fixed Settings buttons spacing, as well as hover colours and contrast
  • Smoothed out the animation of toggle switches and fine tuned their sizes
  • Added a bit more weight to mod-cta buttons on dark theme
  • Added labels to progress elements depending on their value, and styled the meter element to match them

Do keep in mind that you might be able to enjoy new features as well as bug fixes before I publish these changes, since I keep updating the theme throughout the week.

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Sanctum for Obsidian v0.15.8

  • Dark mode accent colours are now darker, matching light theme. They are still treated separately, so you can pick your preset for each one with Style Settings
  • Buttons have undergone a small visual cleanup, nothing too drastic
  • Improved keyboard navigation on buttons, toggles, sliders, text inputs, dropdown menus, and the folder/file navigation bar
  • Changed code snippets background to a slight translucent colour. This change should be most noticeable in colour schemes other than the default ones
  • Fixed components using IBM Plex regardless of the font set in the Appearance menu
  • There’s new Bug Report and Feature Request templates over on Github
  • Improved contrast between Titles and descriptions in the settings menu
  • Highlight Colours are back in Style Settings, with a few presets to choose from
  • Added placeholder icon for incomplete task - [/] .
  • Fixed issue where custom tasks would get an unintended effect when hovered
  • Made some spacing adjustments to File Navigation
  • There’s a new indeterminate progress element. Simply add an html progress element without giving it a value, to see it appear
  • Progress elements now show a “value/max” label
  • Input slider got reworked. It’s now simpler, the decorative min and max labels now actually display the min and max values, and has some neat interactions when one hovers or uses them
  • Updated callouts to now support the pseudo-admonitions’ icons and added a couple more. They now follow the theme’s icons and colour palette. Here’s the list:
    • annotation, note
    • abstract, summary, tldr
    • info
    • todo
    • hint, tip
    • important
    • success, check, done
    • cue, question, help, faq
    • warning, caution, attention
    • failure, fail, missing
    • danger
    • error
    • debug, bug
    • example
    • quote, cite
    • win, reward
    • pros, positive
    • cons, negative
    • bookmark, reference
    • idea
    • favorite, favourite
    • location, site
    • alarm, reminder, notification
    • event
    • piggybank, savings
  • A bunch of bug fixing
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  • I have a scrollbar in the outline pane, but when I toggle it in the Style Settings to disable it, it stays
  • Toggling to disable the scrollbar in modals works, but not in the vertical-tab-nav-item list on the left
  • Toggling to disable the scrollbar in file explorer works
  • Scrollbar arrow buttons does not work.

I am on a Mac.

Loving the theme. One quirk I noticed with the latest update is that my File Info Panel plugin displays in a much larger font than before, so the panel takes up more screen real estate. Do you know how I could reduce the font size again?

Settings > Appearance

Thanks. Could you be more specific? I’m not talking about adjusting the font size overall in reading or editing view, just in the File Info Panel.

Something else I’ve just noticed: creating a Wikilink inside a task creates additional (unwanted) spaces. Doesn’t happen with other themes active, so I assume it’s a Sanctum thing.

Oops, I was too quick off the mark, eager to help; you have stated clearly it concerns the File Info Panel. My apologies. The dev of this theme, @jdanielmourao, will have to sort this out, I cannot help. Sorry. :blush:

No worries. :wink:

I worked out that I’m probably better off filing bug reports over at Github, so I’ve done that.

Yep, that’s probably the best course of action :+1:

Yeah, there might be some things that don’t work that well in macOS, since CSS feature support on macOS happens through the Safari Browser engine, unlike Linux/Windows, where it uses Chrome. Since most of the current scrollbar code is directly targetting chrome features, there’s a possibility of Safari not rendering it correctly. I’ll look up the documentation and see what’s needed to properly target Safari. :slight_smile:

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Dw, I’ll fix it soon! :wink:
As for the other wikilink-related issue, if you haven’t already, be sure to submit an issue on github, as I get notified and can see it more easily.

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Thanks! I’ve gone ahead and created issues over on Github. Thanks for your efforts!

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Any plans to add asides as callouts? I think ITS does that + you already have the styles for it

Maybe in the future, yeah. Just need to get around to fixing some issues first.

Sanctum for Obsidian v0.15.9
Here are the latest changes to Sanctum! Some of them you might have already noticed if you have updated recently, but there are also a few new ones, especially bug fixes.

  • Settings menu’s width scales with app window (no more minimum size);
  • fixed bug where document search and replace would only partially show, and would make it impossible to switch off unless closing the current note;
  • alternate link styling now also works in Live Preview callouts;
  • new Style Settings options: “Full color headers in Callouts”, which works in both Reading View and Live Preview;
  • fixed toggles in Mobile;
  • added basic support to Obsidian Sortable;
  • improved Textarea formatting;
  • modal background blur in light mode is now a bit darker, to improve visual comfort;
  • note/annotation callout icon is now a pencil (similar to default);
  • Callout copy icon now matches the theme;
  • fixed code snippets not showing border inside callouts;
  • new “code” callout can have code snippets without border or backgrounds (and has a custom icon, ofc);
  • callout and code content copy buttons now match;
  • callouts are simpler, and have improved spacing;
  • changed reading, source mode and live preview icons in status bar;
  • changed pane relief status bar icons to match the theme
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