Same plugin inside any vault and search in every vaults

I use a few vaults

  1. Is there a way in my obsidian to get the same plugin each time I create one or do I have to create a new one ? How ?

  2. I need to search notes in all my vaults is there a good plus in which make it possible ?

Thank you :wink:

What I’m trying to do

Things I have tried

The short answer is not any easy way to accomplish either of your tasks.

But some have copied over the .obsidian folders to other vaults, with some success. This would copy over all the settings and plugins, and the metadatacache… If going down this road, I’d believe that having an “empty” vault with no files, just the plugins and settings would be the best way to copy over into a new vault.

Regarding searching in all vaults, I know some have placed all of their vaults in a given folder, and then created a master vault of that folder. That would allow for a “global” search in all vaults. Other than that you’d need to resort to some other tool for searching.

An interesting question which arises though: Do you really need to have many separate vaults of you could locate a given piece of information from multiple vaults? I’m thinking separate vaults only when their information don’t overlap, and it’s clear to me what’s in any given vault.

(So my personal setup is two vaults: one for testing and answering on forums like this, and one for all my personal stuff and knowledge )

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