RTL and LTR for English and Arabic Simultaneously

What I’m trying to do

I use two language for my notes, English and Persian (Arabic). Each individual note would be either in English or Persian (not both).

Using iOS, I want to see my English note with the left-to-right format and see my Persian notes using Right-to-Left format.

Things I have tried

Under Editor Setting, on Obsidian ios, I turn on RTL setting. However, when I do so, my English notes are also become RTL which is what I don’t want.

Is there anyway, or any plugging, allowing me to use both LTR and RTL with English and Persian notes respectively?

There are two plugins here that may do what you want:



You could also use a cssclass and some CSS to make certain notes RTL if your Obsidian settings are the default LTR. In your note, at the top, where you want RTL:

cssclass: rtl

and the CSS:

.markdown-source-view.rtl .cm-editor, .view-content.rtl {
  direction: rtl;

How to use CSS snippets if you aren’t familiar:

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Amazing! Thanks, both plug-ins work great and solved my issue!

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