RSS Reader within Obsidian


Currently gauging interest to see if this is worth the time to develop; would be an in Obsidian RSS Reader aggregated locally or through an external RSS aggregator.


RSS Reader witihin Obsidian would allow you to sift through your feeds, view articles, and import them into Obsidian via markdown conversion. With a TinyTinyRSS backend (may include other RSS aggregators), you could have multi-device sync or setup a local account where the articles are saved to your vault.


If you’re like me, you ingest a lot of different RSS feeds. This means have to sift and export from your RSS reader and into Obsidian to manipulate that data into usable information for you.

Instead, Im proposing developing a plugin that uses Obsidian as an RSS Reader, similar to this VSCode RSS Embedded Reader plugin.



Just as another (alternative?) idea… I use feedbin as my RSS reader now… there are certainly other products also. Feedbin has a plugin capability that lets you “share” to other applications - maybe tie in that way instead of integrating into Obsidian?

Not against your thought at all, just tossing out a possibility.

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Definitely a possibility! In theory, we could add multiple types of aggregators to use Obsidian as the reader.