RPG (D&D) Module - The Silver Square: Riverbend Crossing

Obsidian is he perfect system for designing & fleshing out RPG modules. I have therefore created the following, and share it with y’all in the hope that others will do likewise.

The Silver Square: Riverbend Crossing is a module designed for a one-shot D&D 5e session. It may stretch to 2 sessions, particularly with players new to RPGs.

It allows up to 6 players, though there are 9 PCs pre-generated and provided for the sake of variety.

The module is available as a standalone Obsidian vault, which contains all the info, maps, files, (printable) PCs character sheets, etc. that you’ll need to run the adventure.

Vault: https://www.cwholemaniii.com/files/games/module-the_silver_square.7z


Such a good idea! I agree that obsidian is perfect for RPG campaigns. I dream of a day when you can buy RPG campaigns not in the form of a book, but a vault!

Relatedly, I wrote a python web app that creates NPCs. I’ve set it on my computer to save NPCs directly to my vault! It adds them to the bottom of a markdown file in my vault called “Generated NPCs” so I can easily find them :smiley:

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Very cool. Is it something other people can use?

Yes :slight_smile:

GitHub - Thomas-Richardson/RPG_NPC_generator_app: A streamlit applet that generates ideas for non-player characters for use in sci-fi role play games. Has detailed instructions for non coders to use the app, but let me know if they aren’t clear.

There’s a version deployed on the internet here: https://thomas-richardson-rpg-npc-generator-app-app-run-online-trd28i.streamlit.app/ but can’t be modified, so you’re stuck with the specific personality traits, scifi names and physical descriptions I chose.

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