Roget's Thesaurus

Hi, all!

I really liked Roget’s Thesaurus, when it was working, that is… Unfortunately for at least two weeks now it doesn’t work.

Is it possible for me to download it somehow, so I can keep it and use it, because I am afraid something like that might happen in the future, and also there is no clear view on when it will be fixed, while I kinda need it for my studies.

Thank you in advance

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I don’t know what you are talking about. Moved to help.

Do you mean you want to save the Thesaurus in Obsidian?

If you’re on MacOS, the built-in dictionary includes a thesaurus.

If your system doesn’t include one you can probably find an app.


They are referring to this: note - Roget's Thesaurus 3rd Edition - Obsidian Publish


I’m guessing that was built from an old public domain edition, so you could search for the name plus “public domain”. I think this might be the prior edition: Roget's Thesaurus by Peter Mark Roget - Free Ebook (it has an online version which doesn’t link all the words, but you could highlight, copy, Ctrl//CMD+F).

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I imagine this is where they learned about the Roget’s Thesaurus Obsidian File:

Nick Milo was showing it off here. Looks like an incredible resource.

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For anyone following the topic, Roget’s Thesaurus is back up at the moment.


That is precisely what I am talking about. Is there any way to download its “Obisidian” version?

I do understand that, but it’s like tens of thousands of words, so I figured I could simply download it. Which will preserve the work nonetheless.

I asked Nick about getting access to the thesaurus vault once. He indicated it wasn’t possible to share for legal reasons. I am not a lawyer, I have no idea; his call. This isn’t really an obsidian question FWIW. If you really wanted it, wouldn’t be too hard to write a scraper for the markdown on an Obsidian publish site, but that seems like a legal grey area to me. I’d just be happy with the online version.

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Oh wow, it’s not an old public domain version as I’d assumed from the edition number — it’s the 3rd edition of Roget’s 21st Century Thesaurus. :flushed:

Right. IANAL, but I doubt the publish site is legal either.

I am interested in Roget’s Thesaurus as well. Javascript put a link up that went to the thesaurus. I would like to know how he did that?

does anyone have a working link for the Thesaurus? the link here does not work ):

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AAAAnd its down again… What’s up with that?

So, its down for two months already…

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