Robust export tool: Pull in links when exporting

I know that export is a feature already requested. I am trying to see how feasible this idea is: when you go to export (in whatever format) the system will prompt you to pull in all related notes. You can then decide the order of the notes and export. My use case would be to turn my notes into a handbook of sorts I could give to other people. Bonus if the wiki links can help you jump around the document.

My main thinking is I rely heavily on linking, but I wouldn’t want to give someone an export with a bunch of links to nowhere.


That would be pretty cool - either that, or, as a short-term workaround, just removing internal links.

Yes, removing internal links is very very useful features! Do you know how to remove the links when export notes?

Export pure markdown notes without internal-links - Feature requests - Obsidian Forum


I was looking for this feature today. Links are a very great feature in Obsidian but when you export to pdf they become worthless. It would be cool if there’d be an export option to make - during export - all [[Links]] to ![[Links]]