Roam tags do not convert, but show up as links

Things I have tried

I followed the standard process for importing from Roam:

  1. Export the MD file from Roam
  2. Import the Roam folder to Obsidian
  3. Switch on Format Converter
  4. Switch on all 3 Roam conversions

I’ve tried this three times, each on a fresh vault. No luck.

I have about 30 common tags. Just one appears in the Tags Pane. Why just that one? It’s not formatted any different than the others.

The rest of them appear as links, each with a page of its own.

Any ideas on how to fix this? Thanks!

What I’m trying to do

Can you change to Source Mode and show a tag that appears in the tags pane and one that doesn’t?

Actually, I discovered (by doing the whole migration again) that the instructions are dead wrong. By re-migrating without doing the format adaptation for Roam, the tags all appeared in the Tag Pane.

As far as I can tell, this was because the #tag format used in Roam should be retained in Obsidian and not changed to a link [[tag]].

Almost all the occurrences also migrated.

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