Roadmap in graph view

I need a Roadmap to see how nodes are “indirectly” linked in graph view.

For example, we have A and B and their child nodes.

For now in Obsidian, when your cursor hover on a node, it highlights child-nodes.

But in my work flow, I need to see “how” two ideas (A and B) are related by (a1 and b1), then I have to hover on A and quickly on B to see if there are some kind of relation through afterimage in my brain. It is not cool :frowning:

In such case, a Roadmap in graph view would be wonderful. You can cmd+click on two (or more) nodes to see their relationship.

Also there should be a filter to decide within how many “jumps” it makes.


I am moving this to plugin ideas


Yes! I need this too.

An interesting permutation on this would be the ability for the program to select two random notes and if they are connected by a certain number of jumps (3 or less) then show it in graph view.

I would very much like to have this as well, especially since both Memex and NL’s Zettelkasten are about building these “trails” (clicking on a note/node should show the entire trail)

+1 – I would love to have this.