Right-to-left writing bugs

Hello friends,

  1. After enabling writing from right to left, the scrollbar moves to the left, this is the biggest problem, I’ve never seen anything like this, please move it to the right.
  2. In reading mode, the bullets and sub-lines are moved to the left.
  3. In the reading mode, the distance between the checkbox and the text is very small (maybe the problem can be solved with two spaces, but this does not work when using Day-planner)
  4. I am always switching between writing from right to left and writing from left to right. Please add this item in the hotkey section so that I can switch between these modes faster using the shortcut. Thx

    Despite these bugs, I still enjoy using Obsidian and thank you for making it, but the scrollbar on the left is really annoying.
    These bugs are seen in my written language like this

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Move the scrollbar to the right ...

Actual result


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Few things, you are supposed to search before posting and to post only one item per bug report.

  1. According to all reports I have seem, the scrollbar should be on left in RTL pages. If not, open a feature request and point to a standard that says otherwise.
  2. and 3. 4. We currently do not support mixed RTL/LTR pages. There is an open FR for it.

You can use dynamic rtl plugin it works good for my use case. It can make mixed rtl - ltl works flawlessly


Thx :pray:t4: