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Hello! Am pretty new to Obsidian and this forum. A couple of questions…

One - I have two vaults. One of them displays a button for “Graph of <file>” (local graph) in the right sidebar header; the other does not. How can I get it to display?


Things I have tried - looked through all the settings, though of course I might’ve missed it. Also tried Googling and searching the forum; didn’t find anything (same caveat).

Two - what are the three blank page icons in the first picture? How would they have gotten there? They don’t have tool tips, and nothing happens when I click on them. I don’t remember doing anything to cause them to be there, certainly not on purpose.

I see I can close them by right-clicking, but I’d like to know more first.

Things I have tried: forum search turned up this - How to set the icon for a note on right side bar

- but it seems to rely on snippets to the extent I understand it, and I definitely never did that.

Minor housekeeping matter… how do you log out of the forum? I don’t see a logout button anywhere. Not under my avatar, nor under the hamburger menu…

Thank you! :slight_smile:

  1. You can open the Local graph either through the command pallete, or through the more options menu of a note(the three dots it the top right).
    After that, you can drag it over to the sidebar using the icon in the top left.

  2. Those most likely come from a plugin that did not unload
    its view properly.

  3. Click on your avatar, then on the user icon on the right.

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  1. When you say “icon in the top left,” do you mean the “drag to rearrange” thingy? I see that, but it’s not what I meant. In my one vault, the second screen clip, the local graph button is a permanent resident up there, whether or not local graph is being used, just like the buttons for tag pane, backlinks, etc. That’s how I’d like it in the second vault.

  2. Found it, thank you!

  3. What does “did not unload its view properly” mean? Maybe did I disable a plugin, but it left these unneeded pieces of itself? Can I assume nothing will break if I close them?

Is Settings > Core plugins > Graph view enabled?

Yes it is.

Sorry, I just realized my question was pointless. 🫤

It’ll be a permanent resident in the sidebar after you drag it there.

Yes, I think that’s what it means and that it’s OK to close them. If you like, you could try restarting the vault first to see if that makes them go away (I don’t remember if it does).

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Yes, that’s what it means.


Oh, okay. Have done that, and yes, I can switch around to calendar, backlinks etc. and the graph button is still there.

Restarting the vault didn’t help, but I went ahead and closed the icons.

Thanks for helping :slightly_smiling_face:

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