Right Mouse Button Issue Obsidian Mac OS?

When I right click in a note on a blank line the curser goes to the next line? This is very frustrating trying to paste with the mouse and screws up formatting depending on where you are in a note. Clicking on a line and inserting text between words works. Only when trying to paste on a blank line does this seem to happen. Using keyboard cmd+v works fine.

This issue happens on two different Mac machines and not in other applications, only Obsidian. On Windows the mouse works properly and stays on line selected
Is this a bug, normal behavior or a setting somewhere? Did not use to be this way and not sure which version that this behavior appeared.

What I’m trying to do

I don’t see this behaviour on my Mac. Could you do Show debug info?


Not sure where to get that information? Could you give me a clue…

Thanks in advance

Do trigger the Command Palette, Cmd P, and type "Show ", and click on “Show debug info”.

I think I got it fixed. Disabled all community plugins but problem was still there. Closed out Obsidian and reopened. Paste with a right click seems to be working now inserting the paste item on the correct line.

When there are lines below the curser (with or without text) the curser will still go to the next line down but it now at least paste on the proper line where I originally put the curser to paste.

Re-enabled plugins and still working other then the visual anomaly of the curser dropping down a line before the paste.

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