Right click shortcut for block links

Use case or problem

Whenever I want to use link to blocks in a note I need to go through the whole text to find the exact block and then link it. this is extremely time consuming if you have long notes.

Proposed solution

It would be super convenient if I could go to the note, right click on the block and copy the block link and then paste it wherever I want. in this process when I copy the link, a block reference is created right away and then is coppied with the page to clip board. This is especially useful when I have two note open side by side. then linking different parts is just constantly right clicking from other note and pasting it to the other note.

Current workaround (optional)

Current fast way is to define the tag in the block and use that for linking in other note. However, in long notes it is hard to manage this.

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found the answer in a plug-in:


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