Right click on a folder -> Search in folder

I would really like to have a “Search in Folder” menu item.
For instance, right click on a folder1 and click ‘search in folder’.
It automatically jumps to search options and creates a path to folder1.

I made an account and was planning to request the same thing, but I just happen to see you posted it first. This would make searching so much easier. Instead of putting path and navigating to the path, then search, a simple right click on the folder and select it to search should jump you to the search bar with the path already there.

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I’m glad that other people are interested in this feature as well :blush:
I was thinking of making a similar post in Plugin Ideas.
Then I found a plugin thanks to this thread and Liam Cain.

Unfortunately the plugin is only available on github.

I’ve never tried to manually install mods from github before.
But to make it work, here’s what I did:
-Download as Zip.
-Right click on the downloaded file. Extract here.
-Copy this folder to your vault \ .obsidian \ plugins.
-Open a plugins folder in file explorer “search-from-directory-main”.
-Copy the file “main” from the “dist” folder to the main directory “search-from-directory-main”. Otherwise the plugin won’t be activated.
-Open the file main.js with a text editor and remove this part “tag:task/todo”, save a file.
This is something the author added for his own use.
The end result will look like this (path:"${i}" )
instead of (path:"${i}" tag:task/todo)
-Enable the plugin in the settings