Right-click on a folder and search within it

There have been many requests for the abililty to search within a folder, and the answer is always the same: → you can, just start your query with “path: xxx”.

Yes, you can. And I use that all the time. BUT it is much simpler sometimes to just right-click on a folder and select “search here”. It could still open the same search functionality but maybe it could auto write-in the “path” for us.

There are many scenarios where starting a search with “path” isn’t as easy as people make it out to be. So I’m submitting this as a feature request, and hopefully I will not be told that the feature already exists, because it doesn’t, really. There is a way to search within folders, but not this way, which would be very useful in many circumstances.


Really would enjoy this too!

I know that you can search and use the Path: command to search a particular folder. I would love to be able to quickly search a folder with a right-click command. It would be quicker and easier than trying to drill down to the right folder with the Path: command.


I have a really simple plugin for this if anyone’s interested: search-from-directory It’s probably too small to add it to the Obsidian plugin gallery but maybe enough people are interested.


I don’t think any plugin can be too small if it meets a specific need.

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This feature would be especially helpful when we accumulate a lot of notes and when each of our folders is specific to a topic.

This looks like it might be my solution. I have no idea how to install it though, so I’ve commented on the github issues page.