Right click folder > open folder in graph view

Use case or problem

I would like to be able to quickly access a graph view from a given folder in my workspace.

This lets me connect up the notes in that folder without having to load a graph view full of all of the notes in my vault and manually and awkwardly typing the folder name into filters.

Proposed solution

Right click folder > :fireworks: Open in graph view

I imagine it would have a little graph view symbol beside the button.


This could work like right-click to search folder. Right-click to view folder in graph, and it opens standard graph view with the path pre-filled.

Probably want it to be a “new” graph view so it doesn’t overwrite any customizations on the “main” graph view.

But you probably want all the same functionality you usually see in the graph.

This would be fantastic. Graph view is a favorite of mine, but it starts getting a bit chaotic as the vault grows. Right now, folders aren’t incredibly useful on their own compared to the other ways to navigate files in Obsidian. Lettings us use them for smaller, related graph views would be extremely useful.

But agreed that its settings should be independent of the main graph view, similar to how the file graph view can be customized independently.