Right click + Drag to pan canvas works on Windows but doesn't work for Mac

Everything is in the title

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not everything is in the title, you should really follow the bug report template. you make out life harder.

Everything is in the title


Yep this is a much needed feature, there is no way to move the canvas currently.
Miro.com does it that way (right click and hold to move the canvas)
This can be an option in the settings if the devs don’t want to make it the default behavior !

If by “move the canvas” you’re looking to pan, this is done by holding <space> and dragging with the mouse (which, for the follow-up, is the same control as right-click dragging in Miro).

I would like to do that with the mouse only. I know you can hit space to do it. But why move both my hands when I can move only one ?


+1. All the folks coming from Miro (incl. me) will appreciate it.

Also noteworthy that graph view can currently be panned like this.

If your mouse has a middle button, then you can also drag a Canvas with middle-click+drag.

you need to be a body builder in order to push the middle button, it works when you do it once, but it’s really a pain for people who use this all the time.
plus, not all mice support middle button. it’s the case for apple magic mouse.

Right button is just so much easier.

The middle button is also not the natural resting position of your fingers. you need to move one of your finger on left or right button in order to click it

We looked in this and unfortunately implementing right-click + drag is going to be very hard/impossible (due to API limitations and differences among OSes).

It also does not work on Linux.

OS: Ubuntu
Ubuntu Version: 23.10
Mouse: wireless logitech mouse
Expected behaviour: Right click dragging pans the canvas
Actual behaviour: Right click context menu appears

Will it be possible to fix this issue on Linux?