Reviewing in Obsidian

  • I know about Obsidian_to_ANKI script and Review plugin.
  • What I was thinking of is having a way to automatically set notes created today to be reviewed on a later date (a simple linear gaps). The review plugin can work too, but it is manual.
  • Can there be some kind of an automated thing
    • The notes created today will get added on a daily note (just as review plugin does, but automatically, or maybe just “particularly” tagged notes to be moved)
    • The notes have added would have '-[ ] ’ check boxes. The checked boxes are moved to nest da in the cycle
      • there is a plugin that moves them to a checked(completed) area
      • Also there is another plugin that can rollover tasks.
      • SO, it is indeed possible. :wink:

Eric wants to implement it, is not yet sure about how to do it.

Nice, we can have it based on

  • a tag that the plugin takes, like #SRS, and
  • created date
  • a user input pattern - 1-3-7-15-30
    Plugin can easily look for tags and created dates.

I’m using a laughably low tech scheme, but it’s workable:

I use tags of the structure:


Viewing this in the hierarchical tag view shows me quickly if I have anything due for review this month or in the past, and it’s easy to create a query to show which notes are missing the #review tag entirely.

“Reviewing” an item is merely bumping the date into the future.

Assuming I’m up to date and have nothing overdue, a simple embedded query to show me what’s up for review would be something like:

-tag:#review OR tag#review/2021/04

I created an SR plugin for note-level spaced repetition. It allows you to tag notes to review, which are then scheduled automatically based on the forgetting curve.
If you’re interested, check it out here.