Review Plugin help needed - reviews dont apend to notes

What I’m trying to do

The Review plugin by Ryan Murphy works fine when i’m trying to add a review to a note (not block or title) providing i give a review date where there isn’t already a note created. In the case where there is already a note with a review then i thought this would be appended to the review section, however i get the error “unable to create file”.
Its the same for blocks too.

Things I have tried

Not much as it seems that it should work according to the instructions, and it would be weird to only be able to review one thing per new day, so something is wrong but i have no idea,

Any help appreciated.

Maybe check the Issues section of the plugin’s GitHub to see if anyone has mentioned the same problem?

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Thanks! i didn’t see there was that section in github… i fixed it myself anyway and now you’ve mentioned it, indeed there is already mention of it there :smiley:

turns out YYYY-MM-DD is the format to use… i had dddd on the end and the plugin didn’t like that.

And on further reading you just have to make the natural language and daily note plugins have the same date format… duh. Didn’t see that at all. Feel a bit embarrassed. Move on.