Revert color scheme of default theme on 1.0 - Migraine

Things I have tried

Inspecting CSS elements with Ctrl + Shift + I

What I’m trying to do

New Obsidian user looking to revert color scheme of Default theme to 0.15.9 for sidebars and navigation with custom CSS. The light grey of 1.0 creates a horrible glare/reflective appearance on my screen which is triggering an ocular migraine. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I am sorry to hear that. 0.15.9 is not coming back. It won’t work because the internals have changed too. You can try one of the updated community themes.

Thank you for quick respons. I can’t change the background color of these UI components with CSS override?

Seemed to be fairly flexible when I did basic icon reorg in the side bar using this snippet:

yes, you can.

Perfect, thank you. Apologies if unclear in original post. Restoring the contrast by changing bg color of these should do the trick for me. Will share once done in case useful for others

Restored with minor CSS snippet. Now I can enjoy the redesign too :slight_smile:

Sharing below in case helpful for others.

.theme-dark {
    color-scheme: dark;
    --highlight-mix-blend-mode: lighten;
    --color-base-20: #141414;

.side-dock-ribbon {
    background-color: #000000;

    --titlebar-background-focused: #000000;