Reverse discovery process

Use case or problem

The Discovery process in obsidian starts from a note - one piece of information - where we can find where we use it and if its correct we can add links between files.

Unlinked mentions and Linked mentions help us in this task.

There is no way to find a connection (or I don’t know it) to find a connection during writing. Eg. When I write something about design patterns - which before I describe in one of note - I need to know about it. If no, I just do not create a link. I’ll be able to do it later when I enter the design pattern note and open “Unmentioned links”. But this is very hard and not often I do it. And it will happen many days/weeks/months after creating a piece of information. The context will be lost.

I would like to check how my new note is related to my whole Vault just in time of creating them.

It will help me create a better one.

Proposed solution

Add a panel where I’ll find all possible connections to a current note: links to notes and aliases with the possibility to connect each piece of text to an existing note (like it’s done in Unlinked mentions)

Current workaround (optional)

Remember what we have got in Vault and manually link each element.

Related feature requests (optional)

I don’t know


For inspiration, look how TheBrain 12 presents potential connections without occupying additional screen space (from 51 seconds):

(highlight “unlinked mentions” of other notes within content of current note)

Just in case you’re a macOS +Alfred user, I’ll take the opportunity to plug my Obsidian Utilities worflow. It has a Related Notes feature that tries to achieve something like this, although in a somewhat crude way.

Anyway, this is a feature that I’d love to see in Obsidian one day.

@dkowalski Thanks for posting this feature request!

As I understand from proposed solution, the same has been already requested in Display a list of current note's outgoing unlinked mentions
Can these requests be merged?