Reveal syntax in live preview mode with key+click

Use case or problem

I want to be able to copy paste something which may be formatted with markdown (such as italicized) without the markdown underscores appearing and disappearing. It is quite disorienting as-is.

Proposed solution

Right now “You can reveal the syntax for any Markdown-formatted text by moving the text cursor to it.”

Maybe give me a setting so that I can reveal the markdown by cmd+clicking or something else. I don’t want to see the markdown just because I clicked.

Related feature requests (optional)

Super FR: Customizable mouse event actions (click) with keyboard modifiers this one seemed light it might be able to achieve it

If you don’t need to edit the note, why not just use the reader mode?

I like this idea. The title of this feature request should consider syntax in case of

  • italicized text
  • bold text
  • inline code
  • strikethrough
  • highlight

In such cases selecting text would not reveal the markdown syntax in live preview. We don’t want it to reveal to be honest. We can use source mode if we would like to edit inline formatting by directly manipulating the symbols. Normally that kind of manipulation is not needed in case of text being formatted as italics for example. We just want to select the text and that’s all—seeing the actual syntax is not needed. I think similar behavior could be applied to cursor being on italicized text—is seeing the markdown syntax useful in such case? Line editing actions in live preview could treat italicized text indifferent from normal text.

Sometimes you place cursor to formatted text to edit the formatting itself. This is not problem if the cursor is inside the text—however what should happen in live preview when the cursor is directly before or after the formatted text. There can be many different use cases for cursor placed next to formatted text—do you want to continue with the specified formatting or not for example. When Obsidian shows the syntax in live preview the user knows if the formatting will continue or not. This user choice is also possible by using the source mode—in live preview it could decide it for you. Maybe don’t inherit the formatting in that case? Overall I think these user choices are much more rare compared to cutting, copying and navigating the cursor across the formatted text. The problem can arise when fixing typos, in such case you want to inherit the formatting and then you end up in a situation when you don’t know which formatting is currently used unless the syntax is displayed verbosely like it is now.