Reveal note in OS (Finder/Explorer)

In relation to this request from @maartin, I created this similar request.

It would heavily raise comfortability to have the opportunity allowing one to open a note directly in the OS’s finder or explorer. In particular because Obsidian is a file-based app.
This would speed-up actions like creating, sorting and re-organising files and folders, especially when it comes to attachments.

An implementation could look like this:


BTW: This is one of my most used allday-feature while working in VS Code.


I haven’t checked whether this is duplicating any other requests, but I also use a parallel feature constantly in other applications that are running on top of OS-visible file structures.

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I stumbled over this issue as well, when I could not link a PDF because of its filename containing spaces. Renaming the file required opening explorer in windows and trying to find the correct folder.

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Another feature request closely related to this one: reveal file in finder.

I use both reveal file in sidebar and reveal file in finder very often (hence I frequently find myself looking for these in Obsidian’s menu!)


+1 for “Show in Finder”: One of the major advantages of Obsidian is that every page can be accessed easily as an independent file, from the Finder, via Spotlight, etc. This is really handy for sharing the file (= page) as an attachment, but also for linking it from other software, like OmniFocus (great for planfully returning to a specific Obsidian page); for this, it would be really handy if I could, with a single hotkey, reveal the current page in the Finder.


+1 for Show in Finder or Show in File Explorer as the case may be.


Many times I wanted to open a file or folder in my Windows computer’s file explorer (i.e. Mac ‘finder’) from Obsidian and I don’t see an obvious way to do it directly. Please add ‘show file’ to the Obsidian file explorer right-click menu for files and folders.

This feature will be especially useful for people using multiple programs to process files (e.g. editing a file alternately in Obsidian and WriteMonkey or Typora).


something like JetBrains’ feature - to locate or select file


the target button (first from the set of buttons - in the right) selects the file location in the projects view pane…

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+1 This would be so helpful!

+1 Please! I have almost 20,000 notes that I exported from OneNote into *.md files and am text-cleaning them as I use them. I want to move the cleaned files into the folders I’ve created in my vault (BUS, DEV, HOME, etc.)

I get that I can do this outside of Obsidian in Windows Explorer, but… I like staying in Obsidian :slight_smile:

I very much appreciate the elegance and serendipity of the tagging/linking approach but a little bit of hierarchy is needed, like some top-level folders and maybe a subfolder or two when needed to group files together visually.

Along with the menu options asked for above, it would be great if when a note is opened its containing folder is revealed in the Obsidian File Explorer.

So glad to see this arrive with 0.8.1! As I’ve noticed elsewhere, this is a huge step forward

What I’d really like to use this for, is putting in my clipboard a link to the current Obsidian note, so that when I navigate to another note or a create a new one, I can start by pasting a link to the note I will just have come from. I’m now trying to do that (on macOS) with a Keyboard Maestro macro to do the following, but I’m having trouble getting it to work:

  1. From Obsidian, use the “Show in Folder” command (I use ⌘⌥-O as a hotkey), which opens up the Finder with currently focal Obsidian note selected in Finder.
  2. Get the filename from the selected file (ideally only the “base name” of the file, without the .md extension)
  3. Add Wiki-brackets to the result [[base filename]] in the clipboard
  4. At that point, I can navigate to another note in Obsidian, and paste the link.

I’m having trouble getting “get file attribute” to work, but perhaps someone has another work around?

I can’t seem to get this working.

If I click ‘Reveal file in file explorer’, then it does nothing.


Likewise, if I define a key sequence for that command, then use it, then nothing happens. Anyone else got the same issue?

In settings looking at plugins, have you activated file explorer?


I’m also having the same behavior. I also have the “File explorer” enabled in the settings. Are we missing something?

And if you are in the file explorer and you right-click on a file, do you see a window starting with rename like this: Capto_Capture 2020-10-09_18-46-15_

Try also to download a new version of Obsidian, 0.92 and overwrite your older version. You may have an install that is too old.

Got it, thanks @Haberjr! Realised that ‘Open in default app’ is a plugin and that I had to enable that. Thanks for your help.