Return property content from another note

I am trying to create a family tree for a creative project and am trying to display the contents of individual properties from multiple notes. Below is a screenshot of what I am trying to describe.

I am currently using internal links to individual notes which I have given several properties for birthday, death day, spouses, children, etc. My goal is to display the value for the birthday property beneath each name as shown in italics. I have tested inline queries with dataview, but have not been able to achieve my goal. I am not much of coder, but any advice is appreciated. Thank you for taking the time!

Screenshot 2024-05-20 153116

I’m not sure if this is exactly what you want, but you might look at the Meta Bind plugin. You can access properties from other notes and display their value. There is a discussion here

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I’ll dig into this. Thanks!

This suggestion worked perfectly for me. Below is the specific input that I used after installing Meta Bind and Dataview. I was even able to use it for list-class properties by converting them to text inside the VIEW command. Thank you!

For text class properties:

For list class properties:

Excellent. Glad it worked out.