Retrieving selected values from a dropdown list

What I’m trying to do

Basic concept: Create a template or form where I can select items from multiple dropdown lists. The selected values must persist and be fetchable so I can work with it later (using plugins, js, YAML or whatever).

The whole idea would be a ttRPG “character creator” where I select things like race, class, background and such and then save the selected values. Preferably lists would acess determined files so i can edit all lists in a common place. It should then be able to save those selected options somewhere, like a note with YAML or something akin in order to fetch it later with Dataview.

Things I have tried

Looking for specific plugins for forms and other input/selection helpers.
Using HTML tag to create the dropdown, since I couldn’t find a plugin to help me.

What I’m having problems

Retrieving the selected value of the HTML tag and using it later. HTML lists as a solution doesn’t seem to be dynamic enough in order to be populated through other means except hardcode (like updating one file named ‘Classes’ and always having that new class show up as an option or having lists populated based on a previous selection).

What solutions I’m open to

Any! I have no problem with JavaScript and I work on a daily basis with python and SQL, so coding, DQL and any other plugins shouldn’t be a problem.

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